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Safeguarding Your Workspace: Mastering the Art of Safe Pallet Handling


The customer had a potential safety issue with lifting pallets 18 feet above the 1st floor to the 2nd floor. Issues were visability of the fork operator while the load was so far above head, a pedestrian walkway next to the lift location, and truck mast contact points behind and to the side of the fork operator.


We utilized the PFlow M Series Mechanical VRC 2-Post Straddle Lift to eliminate these safety concerns. It allowed the operators to load the lift with pallets utilizing a pallet jack instead of a fork lift. The single push of a button eliminated the guess work of is the pallet high enough. The safety cage provided protection for pedestrians in the walkway next to the lift. Since operators utilized the pallet jack for material movement, the height restrictions were no longer a concern.

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